About TiSG

The Triple i Sourcing Group, also known as TiSG, is the parent company of Inbak BV, Indusource BV, Indusource GmbH and Indupay BV.

TiSG was founded in 2012. The purpose of creating this holding structure was to lay down a professional foundation on which purchasing services for the various types of industries could be further shaped.

The company that started it all is called Inbak BV. Despite the fact that TiSG was founded in 2012, we have actually been around since 2006. Inbak was introduced at that time, after which the other operating companies followed.

TiSG has been located in the north of the Netherlands since the beginning. From the water sports city of Sneek we serve many industrial companies with a food print in Western Europe.

The company is characterized by a no-nonsense approach. It has a highly resilient team of procurement professionals and staff. There is also a good Tech heart that continuously develops the available purchasing platform to empower customers, suppliers and the purchasing team as much as possible and automates repetitive processes.