Strategic Procurement Platform Software


Our current organization is specialized in purchasing. There are 20+ purchasing professionals here who are only concerned with purchasing related matters. Based on experience, we know that very large savings are possible at virtually all existing companies. There is a lot of inefficiency among our current customers. This is how the idea arose of a purchasing-related platform in the form of a (web) application. This web application will solve a number of problems, but also offer a lot of added value for the consumer.


The aim is to build up the largest possible platform with almost all relevant suppliers and customers in order to bring these together. Efficiency benefits both suppliers and customers and ultimately the consumer. Within the platform, a number of problems are solved for all parties involved:

– Administrative operations are centralized for multiple parties. This includes keeping certificates, questionnaires about food safety, specification management, etc.

– The platform is suitable for applying supply chain transparency through blockchain applications.

– SIPS will make it possible for large and small companies to purchase cheaper and more efficiently through process improvement, collective purchasing and finding the right purchasing moments.

– The platform will offer a new form of inventory management and forecasting for both customers and suppliers.